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Children should grow up healthy!

Children should grow up healthy

Children are our future. Their physical and mental health is of fundamental importance for their future, and for the development of their talents and skills.


The aims of the CHILD HEALTH FOUNDATION are to promote preventive health care in children by supporting research and promoting communication of science based information of relevance to child health.


The foundation aims to benefit all children, not only subgroups with specific health problems.


Children's health has markedly improved during the last decades, mainly due to advances in scientific knowledge and in medical treatment of sick children. However, much remains to be done, and new challenges arise, particularly in the area of health prevention.



Therefore the foundation is strongly engaged in projects on


  • prevention of allergies
  • avoidance of mal- or overnutrition
  • prevention of smoking
  • healthy life style during pregnancy
  • promotion of breast-feeding
  • prevention of mental and physical violence against children


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The CHILD HEALTH FOUNDATION is an independent, charitable foundation, located in Munich, Germany.

It was founded in 1997 by Dr. Berthold Koletzko, Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Munich, Germany.

The foundation is under the patronage of Irene Epple-Waigel, M.D., a ski world cup winner and the wife of the previous German minister of finance, Dr. Theo Waigel.

The foundation is supported and its activities are overseen by a board with highly qualified members.


We need people to support our activities!

The Child Health Foundation is an independent, non-profit initiative in need of support. Any donation is more than welcome and will be fully credited to our promoted projects since the costs for personnel and administration are avoided by the support of volunteers.


The foundation is supported by "the friends of the foundation", an initiative to help the foundation with public relations work and charity. The "friends" welcome new members (subscription per year: EUR 50 per person or EUR 500 per company/corporation per year).