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Stiftung Kindergesundheit

Fields of Action

The operational implementation of the foundation's work is based on

3-column model:


  • Prevention with practical programs
  • Competence at the professional level for health prevention
  • Public education

In addition, the foundation promotes the research of recognized scientists, awards the Meinhard von Pfaundler Prevention Prize to outstanding achievements and evaluates its own and other projects according to scientifically sound criteria.

Child Health Foundation's Nutrition and physical activity Programmes and Projects


Short overview of examples


The Rakuns - The healthy classroom

Health education and promotion in primary school embedded in adventure stories of the raccoons Tom and Lisa Rakuns


Practical teaching materials for implementation in primary education, supplementary programme on the Internet


Strengthening children's health literacy


Objectives: sustainable change in pupils' behaviour involving the parental home and school, development of health-related behaviour, strengthening health literacy, providing information on healthy eating and exercise, strengthening self-confidence, media education, personal hygiene

1st and 2nd class: modules: Body awareness, movement / relaxation, body care and hygiene and nutrition

3rd and 4th grade: teaching materials on physical activity / relaxation, nutrition and media education

based on three pillars: Offer for children, offer for teachers and educational staff, offer for parents

Program can be carried out as a project week or integrated as a regular component in the weekly schedule



The Little Tigers


Background: Increase in extra-familial care of young children (under 3) in day-care centres and by childminders, and simultaneous increase in overweight and obesity in childhood,
→ Prevention is becoming increasingly important


Tigerkids Programme: Guidelines for educators on nutrition and physical activity education, playful health promotion in kindergartens and day care centres


Core elements: Promotion of... of movement
...drinking water
...consumption of fruit and vegetables


Results: positive effects!:
●Zunahme the consumption of fruit and vegetables and drinking water
●Abnahme of the consumption of sweets both in the daycare centre and at home 
●Besseres scoring in fitness tests,

●Seltener overweight


Programme as a cost-effective strategy (cost per child less than 2 Euro / year)




The App Trilogy

Conception of three apps on the topics of nutrition, exercise and healthy growing up: "Pregnant & Food", "Baby & Food" and "Child & Food
- Target group: pregnant women and young families with children aged 0-3 years

Targets: Provision of information and scientifically validated support and advice for users during pregnancy, breastfeeding, infancy and early childhood

App "Pregnant Women & Food": for pregnant women and those who wish to have children, information on nutrition, food, exercise and precaution

App: "Baby & Food": for young families with babies up to 12 months, nutritional tips and information on breast milk, and porridge food, breastfeeding, recipes for toddlers and babies etc.

App "Child & Food": for young families with infants up to 36 months, information and tips on child nutrition, exercise and child health, recipes for infants, preventive medical checkups, background information on infectious diseases, vaccinations, etc.


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